Some of us run so we can eat. Some of us eat so we can run. Regardless of the way you look at it, it only makes sense that running and eating should go together. Finally, there's a competition that combines endurance and eating ecumen. The inaugural Brunswick Fast Food Challenge combines the best fast food options in the Cooks Corner area with a flat and fast (well, fast if you weren't stuffing your face as well) course for a one-of-a-kind race. The picky eaters, the health conscious and the weak of stomach, steer clear!


Sunday, August 8th, 2010 (day after Beach to Beacon) at noon


Starting at Pizza Hut, 238 Bath Rd., Cooks Corner, Brunswick, Maine (parking at adjacent Wal-Mart parking lot)

Course Map

What We're Gonna Eat

1. Pizza Hut, 0.0 mi.

One slice of a medium pepperoni pan pizza (250 calories)

2. Wendy's, 0.1 mi.

5-piece chicken nuggets (250 calories)

3. McDonald's, 0.5 mi.

Small french fries (250 calories)

4. Taco Bell, 0.6 mi.

One beef soft taco (200 calories)

5. Burger King, 0.8 mi.

Value-sized onion rings (150 calories)

6. Fat Boy Drive-In, 1.6 mi.

The Whoper Burger! (800 calories)

7. Cold Stone Creamery, 2.5 mi. (final stop)

"Like It"-sized chocolate or vanilla ice cream in a dish (400 calories)

"Penalty Lap"

If anyone is caught throwing up during the race, they'll have to wash down their ice cream with a Twinkie in order to finish!


All finishers will receive a limited-edition "2010 Brunswick Fast Food Challenge" t-shirt. And yes, you can use it to wipe the vomit from your face if you need to.


The cost for the race (to cover food and t-shirts) is $20, payable as cash-only on the day of the race. Cash is needed so volunteers can ride ahead to the stops and purchase food so that it's ready ahead of the arriving runners.

Wanna sign up?

E-mail robertsgomez@gmail.com declaring your intentions to show up on race day! Only serious inquiries please (well, how serious can a fast food challenge possibly be... just don't say you're coming when you're not going to show, that's all.) The race will be capped at 25 entrants with 3 alternates. This is on a first-come, first-serve basis, but the race director reserves the right to allow or deny entry to any individual.

We need volunteers!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, your idea of a good time may not be puking up bits of ground beef along the side of the road. That's fine -- we still want you to be involved. We need SIX volunteers to be stationed at stops 2 through 7 on the course to purchase food and clean up after the runners go through. The volunteer at the last stop will also be the 'official timer'. Volunteers will receive a 2010 Brunswick Fast Food Challenge t-shirt as well as money to purchase whatever meal they wish... preferably fast food, of course. Contact robertsgomez@gmail.com if interested in volunteering.

Don't be a wimp. Do the challenge.